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Top 5 YouTube Downloaders for PC

5 YouTube Downloaders for PC

By Kendra D. Mitchell | Jun 09,2020 21:06 pm

5 YouTube Downloaders for PC

YouTube is the top-grossing video streaming application since 2005 and will continue to do so, due to its variety in providing productive video content to its users. Billions of users who use YouTube for watching valuable videos use it for both watching and posting creative content. However, YouTube cannot be used as a platform for downloading videos onto the device directly. This is because of the platform's restrictions under the name of protection of content from copyright. However, in this modern world, people never stay far in lacking from a simple task of downloading videos from an application. Thus, YouTube downloader came into existence, which provided the basic services of downloading YouTube videos by simple procedures. However, many downloadable platforms provide these services, which usually gets strenuous while deciding over for the project. This article discusses the best platforms that are available for downloading YouTube videos that ensure quality and sustenance of the video.

With a saturated market containing hundreds of applications for downloading YouTube videos, it is difficult for users to settle on a single platform that suits their needs. This article will discuss five impeccable YouTube downloader HD platforms that would help users settle over a platform that would fulfill their basic needs and requirements while downloading YouTube videos.

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Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download is a single-purpose software that has been primarily designed to download videos. What makes it a proficient and efficient choice is its features and quality assurance while downloading YouTube videos. It allows batch downloading while providing the users with the autonomy to select their own video quality. Unlike other YouTube downloader MP4 platform, Free YouTube Download allows users to convert the video formats according to their own likeliness. This allows users to have a more vast option while downloading the videos that would ensure the video quality and its compatibility over the device it is to be played.

This platform provides a very simple user interface with no complications, as in other platforms. Users have to paste the URL of the video, which can be downloaded easily with the auto-download feature of this software. There are various software's that calls for paid subscriptions and credits. Free YouTube Download, as its names suggest, is one such software that is free from such paid credits. Users of Mac and PC can download this software for free.

For downloading Free YouTube Download, click here. URL:

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Any Video Converter Free

This software might look simple from its name. However, this platform offers much more than any other YouTube Downloader for PC. This platform allows users to download videos from multiple websites and convert them into their desired formats easily. Any Video Converter Free offers more to its users with its basic feature of tailoring videos with its in-built video editor. This makes it one of the best free YouTube video downloaders that allow users to edit videos after downloading on the platform. Like the previously stated software, this doesn't require any paid subscriptions from users for enjoying its complete set of features.

For downloading Any Video Converter Free, please tap the following link. URL:

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VideoDuke MAC Video Downloader

Users with MAC usually require very comprehensive YouTube downloader MP3 software to download high-quality video content from YouTube. VideoDuke, being regarded as the best downloader software for Mac users, provides an excessive toolset for downloading videos. It allows users to choose their own stated resolutions and format for the extraction of the video, which can be either MP4 or even MP3. It even raises its stake by providing a Full HD or an 8K video experience for its users.

You can download VideoDuke for your Mac by clicking here. URL:

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4k Video Downloader

This platform is best known for its swift processing and file downloading in batches. An easy to use platform with the major features for downloading YouTube videos is provided at 4k Video Downloader. Users can download videos from this platform under many different packages available according to user needs. It helps to download videos, playlists, and channels along with subtitles from YouTube. Not only these streaming video platforms, but 4k Video Downloader also provides the opportunity to access other services such as Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, and various video sites. It allows users to download videos in various qualities ranging from HD, 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K resolutions. Videos can be easily downloaded at this platform, which is done by simply pasting the URL of the desired video in the application.

Download 4K Video Downloader from this link. URL:

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ITubeGo is an exquisite YouTube downloader platform that is available for users to easily download videos in batch from the very popular streaming sites. It supports 1000+ streaming websites over a price that can be paid according to the available packages. The platform provides support in MP3, MP4, and other video formats and allows users to download YouTube playlists directly on the device. However, a critical analysis of the platform shows that if the users are into paying for a special package, this platform will surely turn out to be the best option for downloading YouTube videos online.

Users can download iTubeGo by clicking here. URL:

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YouTube downloaders are accounted for as very common software used by huge masses to fulfill their needs. However, the credibility of a platform arises at the point that defines the quality of the video that is being downloaded. This article has stated the best software that allows users to download YouTube videos while ensuring quality. A brief overview of the discussed software will surely help users decide over a specific platform that would cover their major requirements while downloading a YouTube video for their personal or professional use.

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