Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith

  • A social media marketing expert with five years of experience
  • Know how to manage social media and utilize it to grow the business faster
  • The area of expertise includes maintaining the brand's identity, bringing loyal customers, and increasing the conversion using social media

Experience & Education

Work Experience & Education

Analytics is the most powerful tool to conduct experiments and bring growth to any sector you're working in. My expertise is in analyzing and experimenting with social media and promoting businesses to bring in loyal customers. From creating social media posts, and videos to implementing strategies for fine-tuning the brand's overall identity— I loved the past few years of my life working as a social media marketer.
I joined Wondershare in 2021 as the head of the social media marketing team and content writer. As a highly skilled social media marketing professional, I w how to attract or influence the audience in decision-making.


I love how we can craft and optimize content and integrate social media marketing techniques to promote any brand or business.


I was born and brought up in Los Angeles, where I used to see billboards with witty sentences and catchy words to get the audience's attention. Now that I am in a similar field of creating social media posts and videos, I enjoy my work. I spend my weekend with friends and social media events.