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The Best VR Games on PC

Best VR Games

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Best VR Games

There is no better way of escaping reality than playing Virtual Reality games on your PC. That’s because the best VR games will teleport you to a new world where you can explore everything using your real arms and some high-quality headsets. In fact, VR is being touted in some corners as the ‘future’ of the gaming and entertainment world.

Today, platforms such as Oculus Store and PlayStation VR offer lots of gaming titles. However, none can come close to Steam in terms of hardware compatibility and game collection. So, get your headsets ready and start enjoying these top-scoring Steam VR games.

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Beat Saber

Before the sale, it attracted the attention of the majority of handicapped parties. After the purchase, it ranked first on Steam's popular list in a short time. It is a masterpiece of fitness and leisure games. You can play MOD to change the background and model to perform more tricks.

vr game beat saber
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Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a relatively early VR masterpiece for online zombies, and it is also one of the more popular VR games. The E3 conference released a new DLC to continue the new storyline.

vr game arizona sunshine
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DOOM VFH is a brutal VR experience. If you have experienced the original DOOM, VR's DOOM is also very worthwhile to experience.

vr game doom vfh
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SUPERHOT VR | GORN | Blade | Sorcery

SUPERHOT VR Early experience the best VR game, you can feel like you are in the Matrix. GORN, Blade, and Sorcery are relatively bloody experiences. They are very realistic violent VR games. Blade and Sorcery (Sword and Magic) are especially recommended to add various mods to enhance the game experience.

vr game superhot vr
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VRChat | Rec Room

VR social game with the most online users in VR, VRCHAT supports full-body tracking; Rec room has many online games

vr game vr chat
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Zero Caliber VR

Military shooting experience VR game, support multiplayer online, rare high quality in VR.

vr game zero caliber vr
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Hot Dogs | Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | Gun Club VR

For gun lovers, the must-play VR gun simulation game.

vr game hot dogs
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Trickster VR | QuiVR | In Death

Experience the best bow and arrow shooting VR game.

vr game trickster vr
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Aeon | Payday2 | Serious Sam

Xiaobai's essential VR shooting game is easy to learn.

vr game aeon
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Swords of Gargantua

A recent online game has beautiful pictures and a strong sense of attack.

vr game swords of gargantua


In my opinion, these are the best VR games that you can enjoy using your Steam VR headsets on your PC. Even better, most are available on Steam and offer more gameplay variety and features than ever before. And if I did leave out your favorite VR title, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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