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Nintendo Switch Game Top List

Nintendo Switch Game

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Nintendo Switch Game

Honestly speaking, Nintendo Switch game titles have never been better. Gone are the days when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and few other titles were the only ones rocking your Nintendo Switch console. Today, there are many other Switch titles to select from, whether you like racing games, adventure games, fighting games, or any other gaming category. You can even play some top-class Switch Nintendo online multiplayer games if you so wish. Therefore, grab a cup of tea and start familiarizing yourself with these best Nintendo Switch titles currently.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The best game of 2017, in fact, in 2018 and 2019, he is still the best game in the switch camp and the sales contribution king. Nintendo ’s four-year open-world action-adventure game is also the first release of Switch. The game ’s backstory, picture, and decryption mode have received full marks from players and the media. It is a strange game that makes you do not want to play bosses, do not want to save the heroine, and also can stay overnight all day. I didn't play Zelda in my life, and I played the switch game.

Suitable For

Games not aimed at the customs clearance, highly recommended by otaku rotten women

nintendo switch game the legend of zelda
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Super Mario: Odyssey

Super Mario: Odyssey, released in October 2017, the sales champion in Japan. After 15 years of failure, Mario ’s orthodox sequel is back in the arena. In this vast open world, follow Mario and start adventurous. The game is not only a single-player mode but also a two-player and collaborative mode. Like the Legend of Zelda's Wilderness Breath, it is the king of sales contribution in the past two years. Classic IP, good game experience, men and women, all ages, harvest.

Suitable For

Essential for teenagers

nintendo switch game super mario
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Go Pikachu

It will be released on November 16, 2018. I think there are too many small friends crowded on major e-commerce platforms that day to wait for the sale and order, and in the next week, we will see the logistics schedule no less than 10 times. Although we always spit out the older man's fried rice, at that time, the order was soft.

Go to Pikachu. Players can choose Pishen or Ibrahimovic to start the adventure. Joy-Con simulates the action of throwing an elf ball to capture the elf. There is also a two-player cooperation mode that allows 2 players to take risks in the same world. When winning the elf, the two people throw the elf ball at the same time, which has a higher probability of catching. When challenging trainers, you can also challenge them together.

Suitable For


nintendo switch game go pikachu
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Splatoon 2

Splatoon2 is a sequel to the WiiU game spray beautiful girl. It was released in July 2017. It uses the 4v4 battle mode. It wins by spraying paint of its team color in a large area in a venue. Among them, you can use various styles. The weapons used to fight, the gameplay and style are more exciting and loved by players.

Suitable For

Like shooting, any fan who has a circle to play with.

nintendo switch game splatoon 2
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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition

The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition has been sold for more than one year on the WiiU. It has up to four players locally and supports twelve-player racing adventure racing games. This Switch version adds many new elements to bring you back to the classic Racing memories. On June 26, 2018, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition was updated. After the update, the game supports Labo somatosensory operation. Players can use the Labo motorcycle to control the car in the game and enjoy a perfect experience.

Suitable For

Party, Family

nintendo switch game mario kart 8
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All-Star Braw

All Stars Smash Bros is a two-dimensional 3D action card scramble game, a large gathering of Japanese heroes, dozens of classic anime characters gathered in the palm, deeply restore the essence of the two-dimensional element; a new game story, continuing the greatness of anime stars Adventure; multiple sets of classic skills to bring players a new combat experience!

This game, the selling point of the game is the great assembly of the heroes of the day, most of the game characters are included, similar to the King of Fighters, the game will be verified, whether it is during class or office break with friends and colleagues. The game was very relaxing.

Suitable For

It is recommended to start with a partner around.

nintendo switch game all star braw
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Diablo III Eternal Collection

Landing on the NS platform in November 2018, Diablo 3 Eternal Collection has multiple ways to support four-player games on the NS-single-screen game with various screens, multi-plane gameplay and online play. Online games will be performed through the Nintendo Switch Online service, which supports cloud archiving. The game can be played offline. When your NS is online, it will be filed and uploaded. This game has 960p resolution in TV mode, 720p resolution in handheld mode, and 60 frames in each way. And supports Chinese, it is a recommended RPG game suitable for rich plot and battle experience.

Suitable For

Users who like RPG games.

nintendo switch game diablo
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Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition landed on the NS console on January 11, 2019. The NS version corresponds to languages such as Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and includes the contents of "New Super Mario Brothers U" and "New Super Luigi U". The TV mode is 1080P resolution and 60FPS, and the portable mode is 1280 * 720 resolution and 60FPS—support four people to play.

Suitable For

Parent-child games, family, parties, etc.

nintendo switch game the legend of zelda
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Full Dance 2019

A total of 40 new songs have been added to "Dance Open 2019". If you are an enthusiast of European and American music like me, then you will be happy with the song list. "Mars" Bruno Mars and Card Teacher B's "Fitness" remix, Camila Cabello's latest hit single "Havana" and "A Girl" new album title song "No Tears Left To Cry" "Duck" Drake swept the top single "Nice For What" on the B charts ... Even if I do n’t dance and listen to songs, I can stay addicted for a long time! If these 40 songs are not enough for you to play, you can also purchase a subscription service called "Just Dance Unlimited", which can play more than 300 songs. Of course, considering that this is a family-friendly game (there is even a Kid mode in the game, designed for children to create a lot of simple dances), the dirty words in many songs are harmonized. Some are directly using the official "clean version", such as Britney Spears "Work Work" ( "Work Bitch" harmonious version).

Suitable For

Personal awkward dance, family, the party is appropriate, you don't miss it.

nintendo switch game full dance 2019
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Xenoblade 2

The map of this game is more significant than that of the original Xenoblade, but it is slightly smaller than the map of Xenoblade X. In the game, players will encounter grasslands, wilderness, snowfields, mechanical cities, ancient stone ruins, and clouds in the middle of the city. The environment of which the day and night changes will also affect the configuration of the monsters in the game and whether some terrain is accessible. For example, a map rises at night. Players can swim in the sea of clouds to reach places that they could not reach before. The game is free. Select the jump time for terrain exploration and some material acquisition. I recommend Japanese clothes; you know Japanese dubbing.

Suitable For

If you love to watch Japanese anime, please place an order.

nintendo switch game xenoblade-2


Did this list include your favorite Nintendo Switch game titles? If not, worry not because there are plenty of other enjoyable titles that you can enjoy as well. But with the options discussed above, you can be sure of the ultimate gaming experience to keep you entertained at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rocking the Nintendo Switch Lite or the standard Nintendo Switch, these games will entertain you to the core.

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