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Convert GIF to SWF in 6 Different Ways

Convert GIF to SWF Online Free

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Convert GIF to SWF Online Free

Converting one format of a file into another used to be a difficult task, but with the introduction of conversion tools, this process has become smoother and more comfortable. GIF or Graphics interchange format and SWF or Shockwave flash file format are among the most widely used image formats. This is why GIF to SWF conversion often has a high demand. There are a lot of tools, both online and offline, that can help you with it. They allow you to convert GIF to SWF without the loss of quality and at a fast pace.

Part 1. Top 3 GIF to SWF Converters Online for Free

The following are some of the best GIF to SWF converter available online.

Cloud Convert Convertio Free File Conversion
File size Not specified 100 MB Not specified
Batch Conversions Yes Yes Yes
Conversion Speed Fast Fast Fast
Editing Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
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Cloud Convert


Cloud convert is one of the most widely used conversion tools available online. It can help you to easily convert GIF to SWF online without needing to download extra tools in your device. This tool has a straightforward and minimalistic user interface that doesn’t host a lot of ads. Apart from being a GIF to SWF converter online, it also helps in the conversion of a lot of other file formats like PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc.

Convert GIF to SWF Online-Cloud Convert
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This is one of the most popular tools that is used to convert GIF to SWF. Convertio offers various other types of conversions as well and has support for all the major file formats like GIF, RAW, JPEG, SWF, MP$, etc. The user interface for this tool is extremely simple and well elaborated, which enhances the user experience. It provides fast conversions, and you add files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and your local storage without any issue.

GIF to SWF Converter Online-Convertio
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Free File Conversion


As the name suggests, this tool is entirely free to use and can be used to convert any GIF to SWF without any issue. The tool is straightforward when it comes to usage, but there are a lot of ads that might trouble you. Apart from GIF to SWF converter, it has a lot of other useful conversion features that make it extremely useful in day to day scenario. The conversion speed and ease of usage make it extremely popular among people with different skill levels.

GIF to SWF-Free File Conversion

Part 2. Three Additional Useful Software to Convert GIF to SWF

There are a lot of GIF to SWF converter available for free that you can download and use to fulfill your conversion requirements. These are all offline tools and can be downloaded for free from official websites. The following are some of the best tools for the conversion of GIF to SWF.

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SOBOLSOFT is one of the best free to use GIF to SWF converter available on the internet. It is an offline tool, which means that you will need to download the program in your device to use it. It is pretty lightweight and offers support for all the essential conversion requirements that you might have. It has no ads, and the user interface is simple. It allows it to be easily used by users that have different levels of technical skills.

Additional Features:

  • It supports a variety of conversions apart from GIF to SWF.
  • Users can convert multiple files in one go using this GIF to SWF converter.
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Express Animate Software


Express Animate is a specialized tool for creating and editing GIF files. Among the many useful features that it has got, GIF to SWF converter is the most widely used one. This tool can provide secure and fast-paced conversions for your GIF files without causing any loss of the quality. A lot of users consider it to be the best GIF to SWF converter online due to the reliability that this software provides to the user. They have a dedicated customer care unit that can help you if you face any issue.

Additional Features:

  • Apart from the feature to convert GIF to SWF, this tool can animate images as well.
  • You can use this tool to add effects, transitions, and other essential editing elements to your GIF files.
GIF to SWF Converter-Express Animate Software
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As the name suggests, this is free to use conversion tools for all your conversion needs. It offers a high-quality conversion of GIF to SWF among various other features. This tool is quite fast-paced and is light as well. It works on all the major platforms and devices and provides high-quality conversion for your files. This tool supports almost all the major file formats for conversion, including MP4, WAV, RAW, JPEG, GIF, etc.

Additional Features:

  • It provides high-quality file compression features to the users.
  • Apart from being a GIF to SWF converter, it can also be used to extract or add audio to files.
Convert GIF to SWF-Wonderfox

Part 3. Bonus Section: Know More About GIF and SWF

What is GIF?

GIF or Graphics interchange format is one of the most widely used image formats across the world. It uses a lossless image compression technique called LZW. GIF has support for up to 8 pixels in a single image, which allows for the inclusion of over 256 different colors into 1 model. It also supports including animation for the images, and it supports 256 different colors for each frame in the animated file. Nowadays, it is widely in use, and a lot of people share various cute, funny, and other forms of GIF images across social media. This image format was developed by a team of computer scientists in America, who were led by Steve Wilhite back in 1987 on 15 June.

What is SWF?

SWF has no actual full form as of now, but it is commonly called a shockwave flash file. This name was then later changed to a small web file so that people don’t get confused, currently held by Adobe, this file format was developed by FutureWave Software back in May 1996. This file format is commonly used by animators, graphic designers, and other creative fields related to computers. SWF can contain vector arts, animations, and other similar images and also supports animations as well. Now, this is a native adobe animate file format that is used to transfer graphical images.


GIF and SWF are two completely different formats, and they even serve different requirements. GIF or graphic interchange format has been around for a much more extended period and is widely used by professionals as well as regular users. On the other hand, SWF or Shockwave flash file format is relatively newer than GIF. IT isn’t widely used as of now, and most professionals use it for their daily editing and image storage requirements.

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