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Johnny Smith Originally published Aug 05, 22, updated Nov 17, 22

Do you want to advertise your product/service in a blog? Blogs are great! Because, if done right, they’re evergreen -- they stay on the internet for a long time and will remain searchable for years and years to come (which is not something that can necessarily be said when you’re talking about social media influencers -- who’s traction is dependent entirely on the immediacy factor.) But, how do you find bloggers in your area that can talk about your product naturally? Well, that’s what we’re going to be teaching you how to do below. So, stick around and learn just how easy it can be to find bloggers in your area -- so long as you have the right tools!

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  1. Part 1: Find Bloggers in Your Area on Social Media
  2. Part 2: Find Bloggers in Your Area with an Agency
  3. Part 3: Helpful Tools You Can Take Advantage of to Find Bloggers in Your Area

Part 1. Find Bloggers in Your Area on Social Media

For our most recommended tool, we have BuzzSumo. It’s a Freemium program -- you can use most of its basic features for free, but its more advanced features are only available when you sign up and pay for one of their monthly plans. What’s great about BuzzSumo is the fact that it functions as an actual search engine. So, you can type down relevant tags or keywords related to your product or service, and then use advanced filters in order to narrow the search (one of which is location-based -- allowing you to connect with influencers in your direct vicinity.) All of that, and more, we’ll show you how to do in the tutorial below.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area with Buzzsumo

Step 1. Go to BuzzSumo and Enter Topic/Keywords

To start searching for bloggers with BuzzSumo, you need to go to the website (linked below), and then locate the search bar. It works very similarly to an actual search engine. So, you can type down and enter keywords/topics on the search bar on the subject or topic that you want the influencer to write about. Once you’ve typed down your selected topic, click the Go! button to begin.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Go to Buzzsumo

Step 2. Apply Advanced Filters > Country

For our next step, we need to apply filters that will allow us to narrow down our results. For this, you can start off with the Country filter -- which will allow you to enter your location and narrow results based on only bloggers in that location. Of course, there are also other filters available that will allow you to narrow down the search based on content type, word count, domains, etc.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Apply Advanced Filters

Step 3. Look Through Search Results

On the base platform, you have access to general analytics. Which includes the number of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. engagements. It also shows the overall number of engagements that the blog has, which is a great way of assessing the blogger’s ability! You can scroll through the results as much as you want and Save and View the Analytics of the blog in question to create a list for your influencer marketing campaign.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Look Through Search Results

Part 2. Find Bloggers in Your Area with an Agency

For the next portion of this article, we’re going to be introducing something a bit different. It’s called Viral Nation and signing up for it means that you are leaving your social media influencer marketing campaign at the hands of another. Specifically, social media experts and strategist who will not only locate influencers for you but also persuade those influencers to work with your brand. In other words, you can leave all the work to them! All you have to do is sign up and specify what kind of campaign you’re looking to set up.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area

Step 1. Go to the Viral Nation Website

If you want to sign up to collaborate, you need to visit their website (which we have linked to below.) Once that is done, you should be able to see the “Let’s Work Together” button they have front-and-center on their website. Click that in order to begin the signup process.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Go to Viral Nation

Step 2. Click the Work with Us Button

Next, you’ll be led to a secondary page where you can see their ‘pitch’ -- which explains what they can do for you. Read through this and make sure that your needs match up with their service and then click the Work with Us button!

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Click Work with Us Button

Step 3. Fill in the Form

Lastly, you need to fill in the form that they have available. This will ask for all the basic information (important in the application process.) Which includes your name, email address, business name, location, etc.

Once that form has been completely filled out, all you have to do is wait for their invite and you can start cooperating on your influencer marketing campaign!

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Fill inn the Form

Part 3. Helpful Tools You Can Take Advantage of to Find Bloggers in Your Area

For the last portion of this article, we’re going to blast through 5 other tools and platforms that you can use in order to find bloggers in your area! Again, these will be tools primarily. Which means, that they’ll be a little closer to BuzzSumo than Viral Nation. How close? Well, that we’ll talk about in the descriptions that we have prepared. All of which should be complete with everything that you could possibly want to know about the tools in question.

1. Klear


For our first recommended tool, we have Klear. This is an engine that has over 900 million unique influencers in its database -- split off in about 60,000 different categories. In that sense, you can really get a sense of how large the scale of this tool is -- which is the main reason why it’s made it all the way to the top of our list. Of course, a large database doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good one. However, the fact that it is split off into so many categories will really allow you to find micro-influencers with very specific focuses (and as such, very specific audiences.)

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Klear

2. MyBlogU


For our next recommended platform, we have MyBlogU. It’s not necessarily a search engine, but it’s currently one of the best ways to directly connect with bloggers that you can contact in order to fulfill your blog-related marketing needs. Again, this isn’t going to be as fancy as all the other tools on this list. However, it is completely free -- all that is required is a simple sign up and a bit of manual work (when it comes to finding a blogger that suits your criteria.)

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - MyBlogU

3. BlogSearchEngine


BlogSearchEngine works very similarly to BuzzSumo, at least, in the sense that it is a search engine. With this, you can make lists out of your favorite bloggers -- which is great for creating a marketing campaign that involves connecting with a variety of bloggers. It’s very intuitive. All you need to do is enter relevant keywords/tags and then browse through the listed results of all relevant blogs.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - BlogSearchEngine

4. Upfluence


Upfluence is huge. Its actual database is fairly small. However, it covers tons of different social media platforms (including blogs.) So, it should be possible for you to use it in order to find influencers that can help you with your marketing campaign. The only thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that this is best suited for bigger business (with bigger budgets, specifically.) Its lowest plan starts at around $795 per month, and a lot of the influencers in its database have rates that are in the higher end as well.

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - Upfluence

5. BuzzStream


BuzzStream is the last tool on our list, but that doesn’t really say much as to its quality. Because, much like all the other tools we have listed, this is great for finding, contacting, and managing influencers for your marketing campaign. Of course, it does cover bloggers (as well as other social media platforms.) So, you should be able to discover relevant influencers based on relevant keywords and advanced filters (one of which will allow you to search for bloggers in your area!)

How to Find Bloggers in Your Area - BuzzStream


That concludes our breakdown on methods that you can use in order to find bloggers that are in your area! The one that we’d recommend is BuzzSumo - because it starts off free (extra features are only a couple of dollars away.) However, if you have a bigger budget, or are looking for something that involves less work on your end. There are agencies that you can connect with in order to do most of the work for you. There are also more premium tools (like the ones that were introduced in our list of five) that you can try out if you want to spice things up a little. Try out all the tools we introduced today and see just how easy it can be in order to start your blog-marketing campaign!

Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith Nov 17, 22
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