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10 Best Meme Makers Online & Free

Best Free Meme Makers Online

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Best Free Meme Makers Online

Memes have become commonplace these days. People on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps use memes to make fun and spice up conversations. But although some of these platforms come with inbuilt memes, sometimes you may want to create your own collection of memes with custom captions. And that's where a meme maker online comes in. This is basically an online program for generating memes without installing third-party software. So, if you're looking for a meme creator online, this is the perfect page.

Part 1. Top 10 popular meme generators online [can't miss]

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meme maker online imgflip

Imgflip is a fast and easy meme generator that allows you to create memes using your local photo templates. On this onlinae tool, you'll find hundreds of ready-made meme templates to customize with texts, fonts, drawings, stickers, spacing, and so on. In addition, you can adjust the outline color and the font color to make your memes texts stand out. Plus, you can use Imgflip to create GIFs, posters, adverts, banners, and other custom graphics.


  • Over 1 million user-added templates.
  • It supports Mac/Win fonts and web fonts.
  • Crop, rotate, and flip templates.


  • Too many adverts.
  • Imgflip watermark on outputs.

If Imgur doesn't impress you, then use Meme Generator to create comedy-grade memes of your mobile phone or computer. It's an ad-free website that works with most image formats you may have, including GIF files. After adding an image template, this program allows you to customize the text positioning, color, font, styles, and size. And unlike Imgur, there is no distractive watermark on the output.

Below is how to make a meme video with Meme Generator:

Step 1. Launch Meme Generator and then drag-n-drop your image file to load it. Or, click Choose File to open your local image file on the program.

meme maker online media io 1

Step 2. Now choose the type of meme template design you want to create under the "Template" list. Choose one that lets you add top and bottom texts for a quality output. Now proceed to add meme captions before retouching the font style, color, size, etc.

meme maker online media io 2

Step 3. If you're happy with the added caption, customize the output settings, specifically the aspect ratio. This program lets you customize memes for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Lastly, press Generate to process your meme online.

meme maker online media io 3


  • Simple to use.
  • Fast rendering speed.
  • 10+ free meme template designs.


  • 100MB maximum file size.
  • No customizable meme pictures.
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meme maker online canva

Canva is a professional-grade meme generator online. With it, you can turn your favorite picture moments into viral memes quickly and easily. As expected, Canva comes with its own stock library with millions of photos, stickers, icons, and other graphics. Also, there are thousands of ready-made meme templates to download and customize with those creative texts. And if you're happy with the result, you can download and save the meme as GIF, PNG, or JPG.


  • 5,000+ ready-made meme templates.
  • Directly share on social media.
  • Customize font background, style, and color scheme.


  • Must log in to create memes.
  • Free users can only export in JPG.
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meme maker online inpixio

InPixio is a free online meme generator that lets you create original memes before directly sharing them on social media. Unlike most meme makers on this list, the output lacks any annoying watermark. Here, you can create memes from GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and other standard image formats. After loading an image, you can choose a quick ready-made text to add to it, saving you the much-needed time. However, the rendering speed is slow.


  • It supports most image formats.
  • Directly upload online images.
  • No watermarks on the output.


  • Slow processing speed.
  • Limited template library.
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meme maker online kapwing

Who doesn't know something about Kapwing in this era of online video editing? I bet not you! Kapwing is a powerful video editor that also doubles up as a meme editor online. Here, you'll find hundreds of custom meme templates, including blank meme templates, to download, customize, and share. For example, you can select a blank meme template and edit it with texts, stickers, background color, emojis, and so on. In addition, you can preset the aspect ratio to fit your favorite social media channel.


  • No watermark in the output.
  • Hundreds of customizable templates.
  • Set the meme aspect ratio.


  • It needs a learning curve.
  • Nothing else.
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Meme maker online typito

With Typito, you can quickly create vertical memes from standard image formats and video files. But what makes this meme generator stand out is the ultra-modern and straightforward UI. On Typito, you just need to upload a video clip or image file, choose a meme template, and generate. But that's not all; you can customize the meme text as well as apply background audio to your video. Overall, it's one of the best meme generators on this list.


  • Easy drag-n-drop UI.
  • It supports 20+ video formats.
  • Add background audio to meme.


  • Limited template collection.
  • No video templates.
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meme maker online flexclip

Flexclip is a meme maker online free that creates killer memes from formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, JPG, PNG, and so on. This website has a stock library with millions of videos and images to download and customize for free. In addition, a library with widgets is also available. Meanwhile, you can export Flexclip outputs to multiple resolutions, and the outputs don't contain any watermark. And yes, there are more video editing resources to take advantage of.


  • It supports all popular formats.
  • Multiple resolution outputs.
  • No watermark.


  • Not beginner-friendly.
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meme maker online picmaker

With Picmaker, you can make hilarious memes for social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This online meme maker comes with hundreds of free meme templates to customize to your liking. For instance, you can customize any selected template with animations, gradients, fonts, and so on. And once you're done editing, you can download your meme in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or directly export it to social media.


  • Hundreds of free meme templates.
  • Customize meme templates with colors, fonts, and pictures.
  • Directly share to social media.


  • It requires more stock photos.
  • The UI is not beginner-friendly.
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meme maker online crello

Last but not least, use Crello to make memes that can wow your audience and boost social media numbers. Like most on this list, Crello is free and has thousands of free meme templates to download and customize. After choosing a template, you can resize it to fit multiple social platform presets, edit the fonts, crop, rotate, add filters, and so much more. What's more, you can add objects like stickers and illustrations into your meme.


  • 25,000+ free meme templates.
  • 12,000+ design objects.
  • Convert meme templates into animated objects.


  • Watermarked outputs.
  • Not perfect for beginners.
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meme maker online iloveimg

If all else fails to impress, use Iloveimg. This online meme maker lets you create funny memes from PNG, GIF, and JPG formats. To create memes, you can upload local or cloud images. Alternatively, Iloveimg allows you to choose a meme template from tens of the ready-made photos. After that, proceed to caption your meme inside or outside the picture frame. As usual, you can customize the text size, color, font style, opacity, background, and so on. You can even add an image or sticker overlay to your meme.


  • Super simple to use.
  • Multiple free meme templates.
  • Add image or text overlay.


  • Limited meme templates.
  • It doesn't support video formats.

Part 2. Which is the best meme creator online for free?

Are you struggling to select a meme generator from the list above? Here is a comparison table to help you out:

Program UI Supported formats Watermark on outputs Meme template library Pricing
Imgflip Simple Common image formats No 1+ million free templates Free Simple Common image formats No No Free
Canva Not for beginners Common image formats Yes 5,000 free meme templates Free with watermark.
InPixio Simple Common image formats No No Free
Kapwing Not for beginners Common image formats No Yes Free
Typito Simple Standard image and video formats Yes Yes Free with watermark
Flexclip Not for beginners Standard video and image formats No Yes Free with Flexclip branding
Picmaker Not for beginners Common image formats Yes Yes Free with watermark
Crello Not for beginners Standard image and video formats Yes Yes Free with watermark
Iloveimg Simple Common image formats No Yes Free

Part 3. Frequently asked questions about meme editor online

Q1: How do I turn a picture into a meme?

Transforming a standard picture into a meme is straightforward with the online meme makers above. In the case of Meme Generator, just upload the photo, choose a meme template design, and caption it. You can also set the aspect ratio. Most importantly, choose a meme creator online that doesn't leave any watermarks on your image to avoid losing originality.

Q2: Can GIFs be Memes?

Absolutely! You can easily convert a GIF file into a meme. Just upload your GIF file on Meme Generator and customize it with meme texts and characters like emojis. Other programs that can help you convert GIFs into memes are Imgflip and Iloveimg.

Q3: How to make a meme video?

Unfortunately, not all programs can allow users to create a meme video. So, I recommend an online tool like FlexClip. With it, you can create memes from MP4, MOV, FLV, and other typical video formats. However, only MP4 exports are supported. What's more, free users can only export 480p videos. Alternatively, you could try using Online GIF Maker to turn your video into animated GIF in few seconds. Of course, you are allowed to insert texts or images.


See, a meme generator online can transform your local photos and videos into cool memes and share them with friends on social media. But be as it may, a good online meme should be simple and straight to the point. That's because overdoing it can make you lose the plot. So, avoid those overrated paid programs and use something free and easy like Meme Generator.

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