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Best Video Muter: How to Remove Audio from Videos [All Platforms]

Video Muter to Remove Audio from Videos

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Video Muter to Remove Audio from Videos

Several times there is unwanted audio content in your video files like unpleasant noise, footsteps, background noise, and others. Sharing these files with others might create a bad impression and thus the need to remove the audio from the video arises. If you too are looking for a video muter to remove audio from video on different platforms, listed below are the best methods.

Part 1. [Online] Easy and Free Method to Mute Video

For all types of editing work, online tools work as a great option and removing audio from video is no exception to this. One such program that is easy and free to use is Online UniConverter. Working from your Windows and Mac browser interface, the tool needs no registration or download. You can add the local file as well as a YouTube link to the interface to remove their audio. Without any ads or watermark, the program is safe to use and supports all major formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, and others.

Free trial to remove audio from video using Online UniConverter

Step 1: Hit on the + sign to browse and add the local file. You can also add a YouTube video link.

Step 2: The video will be started muting automatically. Click on the GO button if you're using pasting URL function.

Step 3: Download the video without audio track or save it to Dropbox.

Part 2. [Windows & Mac] How to Mute Video Clips Easily

To remove sound from video on your Windows and Mac several desktop programs are available and one such powerful tool to be considered is Wondershare Filmora. An array of video editing functions are supported by the software that is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. The program comes with a user-friendly interface and supports all major formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and others. Using Filmora, you can either choose to mute the video or can detach the audio as both the functions leads to a mute video file.

How to remove sound from video using Wondershare Filmora

Step 1: Download, install and run the Wondershare Filmora software on your computer. Import the desired file to the timeline of the program interface by clicking on the Import button. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file.

Step 2: Right-click on the added file and hit on the Mute option. Alternatively, you can also choose the Audio Detach function by right-clicking the video file and after the audio is separated you can remove it from the audio timeline.

Step 3: Choose the target format of the video as desired and save the file at the desktop location as needed.

mute video clip

Part 3. [FFmpeg] Remove Audio from Video Using FFmpeg

A number of users also use FFmpeg to remove the voice from video. FFmpeg is a free and open-source project that comes packed with an array of libraries and programs that can handle the media files in a number of manners. This is a command-line based processing tool that supports several editing functions including audio removal from a video file. If you are well aware of the line commands, FFmpeg is a great video muter.

Steps on how to mute a video using FFmpeg

The command for removing the audio from a video is as follows:

“ ffmpeg -i sampleinput_file.mp4 -an -vcodec copy sampleoutput_file.mp4'

Here sampleinput_file is the name of the video from which you want to remove the audio. sampleoutput_file is the name of the file without audio that you save to your system.

Part 4. [Phone] Best App to Delete Sound from Video

To remove audio from video on your Smartphone several apps are available. One such popular app on the Google Play Store is Mute Video, Silent Video. Simple to use, the app allows you to quickly remove the audio from the video file present in your device gallery. You can also record a live video using the phone camera and then remove its audio. The processed file can be shared with an array of social networking sites like Facebook and others. Trimming options if needed is also supported by the app.

Steps on how to mute video sound using Mute Video, Silent Video APP

Step 1: Download and open the app on your phone from the link

Step 2: Add the video present in your phone gallery to the app interface. Alternatively, you can also record the video using the phone camera.

Step 3: Under the Select Music section, choose the mute option.

Step 4: Hit on the Save button to start the process.

mute video app

To remove audio track from video on various platforms, listed above are the different tools and programs. Use them as needed and get the good quality video without sound.

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