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BLOGEdit Video & Audio › Top 10 Video Mute App: How to Remove Audio from Video in Mobile

Top 10 Video Mute App: How to Remove Audio from Video in Mobile

Top 10 Video Mute App in 2020

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Top 10 Video Mute App in 2020

To facilitate removing audio from video, there are several video mute apps available. These apps can be easily downloaded on your smartphones to remove audio from the downloaded or recorded video files. For your reference, we have shortlisted the best apps to remove sound from video.

Part 1. [iOS&Android] Remove Audio from Video in Mobile without Any Download and Installation

To remove the audio from your video file on mobile phone without installing any third-party software, use Online UniConverter. Use the browser on your device to get access to the program that facilitates removing audio from the local video as well as YouTube without any watermark. The process is quick and with a simple interface, there are no ads on the site. The mute video can be simply downloaded after the process.

Try It Free | Mute A Video on Phone using Online UniConverter

Step 1: Hit on the + sign to load the local file.

Step 2: The video mute process will start automatically, and you can download the video after the quick process.

Part 2. [iOS] Top 5 App to Remove Sound from Videos

For your iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, there is multiple app to remove audio from video available. Know about the top 5 as below.

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This is free to use app with an option for in-app purchases that facilitates performing several audio-related functions including mute video. Additional features of the app include improve boost, fix audio, manually boost the volume, select from 12 noise reduction filters, export files to Instagram, and others. There is also an option to compare the files to the original file. File size can also be shrunk for sharing using this app to mute audio from video.

video muter app ios - 1
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Mute Videos

This is free to use app that allows you to create a mute video by removing the audio from the video file. The process is simple involving just a few taps. You can also adjust the volume of the file as needed. The app allows you to work with the recorded videos as well as the one from the iCloud. The processed files are saved to your camera roll for easy use. This is a lightweight video sound mute app that does not occupy too much space on your device.

video muter app ios - 2
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Free with in-app purchase option this is a popular iOS application that allows you to remove the audio from the video files. Using the app, you can remove the audio from the single or multiple files at a time. This apps extension offers access to the Photos apps or from any other compatible app. The processed videos can be saved or can be shared to social media sites. The processed files come with a watermark using this mute audio from the video app.

video muter app ios - 3
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Video Mute- Edit Clip Sound

Developed by Craftiz Ltd. this is a free app that removes sound from video, reduces the volume or boosts it up to 600% louder. The app allows loading the video files directly from the Camera Roll and the mute videos will be saved with the same resolution and the source file. The app does not lead to any watermarks on the file and there is no time limit as well. The file metadata is also retained after the files are processed. Simple to use, this app to remove the voice from video offers maximum export quality.

video muter app ios - 4
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Video Audio Remover-HD

This is a paid app for iOS devices that allows you to remove the audio from the existing videos in a simple quick manner. The file metadata like resolution, quality, and others are intact after removing the audio. The video files to be processed can be added from the device itself, can be recorded directly from the camera, or can be added from the local system. This app that mutes video can also be used to share the files with other applications.

video muter app ios - 5

Part 3. [Android] Top 5 App to Mute Videos Easily

For your Android devices, several apps are available and the list of top 5 is given below.

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Video Mute

Developed by RP Developers, this is free to use app that facilitates removing the audio and create a mute video. All major video formats like AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, and others are supported by the app. If needed, videos can be trimmed by specifying the start and the endpoints of the file. You can either mute the entire video or the selected part. Option for sharing the mute video on social media is also available with this mute video sound app.

video muter app android - 1
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Video to MP3

This is a free app that is used for creating MP3 files from the video and can perform other additional features as well including mute video creation. The app also allows you to trim the file and change its size as well as duration. Option for mixing the audio with video along with adding audio to video is also available. All major video formats like MP4, WMV, 3GP, M4V, MKV, and others are supported by this remove audio from video app.

video muter app android - 2
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Video Editor

Available for free download, this Android app supports a wide range of video editing functions including the option to create a mute file. In just a few simple steps, you can create a mute video using the app. Additional editing features of this remove sound from video app include changing the aspect ratio, cropping the video, splitting the video, merging video, adding filters, text, and images.

video muter app android - 3
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Easy Video Cutter Pro

This is a paid app that supports multiple audio functions including mute video. Using the app, the audio stream can be easily removed from the video file to create a mute video. Option for merging videos as well as extracting the MP3 file is also available. Additional features of this app to mute video sound include rotate video, change the speed of the video, compress video size, create GIF from the video, and others.

video muter app android - 4
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Replace Add Audio to Video

This is a powerful free editing app for Android users. The app allows you to mute the audio from the video file. You can also replace the video audio with your choice of song or music file. FFmpeg media library under LGPL is used by this app to mute video to process the files. With a simple interface, the app is quick to work with and apt for all types of users.

video muter app android - 5

So for your queries on how to remove audio from video in mobile, the above listed are the popularly used app. Depending on what are your requirements, the best suitable app can be selected from the listed ones.

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