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[8 Methods] How to Resize PNG Online Free

How to Resize PNG Online Free

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

How to Resize PNG Online Free

PNG is one of the commonly used image formats and several times the need to resize the image arises. To upload a picture on your blog, website, e-commerce site or to simply to share it with your family and friends resizing may be needed. You can resize PNG online using an array of tools and programs. Online tools are preferred as they are free to use, work from the browser and comes with basic and simple features. More about tools to resize online PNG are discussed below.

Part 1. [Recommended] Resize PNG without Losing Quality Online

If you are looking for a simple yet effective tool to resize your PNG files online, we recommend Wondershare Online UniConverter. Earlier known as, the program is compatible with Windows and Mac and facilitates resizing images in PNG, JPG, and BMP. 5 images of up to 5MB each can be resized using this online tool. The files can be resized either by size or by percentage as required. The interface is simple and the process is quick which makes Online UniConverter one of the popular tools in the category. The files resized using the program can be saved locally or to Dropbox. In the case of batch processing, you can save the images as a zip file. Additional features of the program include conversion, editing, and others.

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Steps to resize PNG image online using Online UniConverter

Step 1: Open Image Resize page on your browser and add the JPG files by hitting on the + sign.

Step 2: Choose the resized file by size or by the percentage.

Step 3: Click on the Start button to start with the resizing process.

Part 2. Other 7 Recommended Online Tools to Resize PNG

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Online PNG Tools

To resize the PNG files easily and quickly, this is a good tool to consider. The program allows adding files from your computer and then select the desired size in terms of height and width. You can also choose to maintain the original file aspect ratio. The resized file can be saved to the computer or the clipboard. The interface of the program shows the added files and also the preview of the resized ones.

online png resizer - 1


  • Preview of the original and the resized file is shown
  • Option to retain the aspect ratio of the file


  • Only one file at a time can be resized
  • The file can be resized only through the size
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PNG images on the computer, Google Drive, and Dropbox can be added to this program for the process. You can even drag and drop the files to the interface. After the files are added, you can resize them either by size or by percentage. You can choose to maintain the aspect ratio and also select the option for not enlarging the image if it is smaller. The resized images can be saved to the local system, cloud storage or its link can also be shared.

online png resizer - 2


  • Images can be added from the local system as well as cloud storage
  • The files can be resized by size or by percentage
  • Option to save the files to the cloud or local system


  • No option for batch processing
  • Internet dependency
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Images in popular formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF can be resized using this online program. The added file can be resized either by the percentage of the original file or by specifying the new height and width in terms of the pixel. There is also an option to change the file format as well as select the target file quality. The background color is needed can also be selected from black or white.

online png resizer - 3


  • File resizing by size or percentage
  • Option to select the target format and the quality


  • No batch processing support
  • Resized image needs to be downloaded
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Using this browser-based tool, images in all popular formats can be quickly and easily resized. There are several ways by which you can resize the added image like the custom size, by height, by width, by percentage, and by the largest side. You can even optimize the file as needed and select the target format from the supported list.

online png resizer - 4


  • This png image file size reducer online also support other image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, WebP and TIFF
  • The resized image is automatically downloaded to your system after the process
  • Multiple ways to resize the image


  • Internet dependency
  • Only one image at a time can be resized

This is an online editing tool that supports customizing your images through several tools including file resizing. Almost all widely-used image formats are supported by the program including PNG. You can resize the PNG file online using this tool by width, height, and the largest side. You can select the file quality, density, and also the format.

online png resizer - 5


  • Almost all popular image formats are supported
  • The program works as a complete image editing tool


  • The interface is not simple and comes packed with several features
  • Dependency on the internet connection

Your images in JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, and several other formats can be resized using this online tool. You need to add the file and it will be uploaded to the interface. Next, you can resize the file by simply dragging the arrows over the added image. You can even set the height and the width of the image manually. After you online resize PNG image, the image can be downloaded to the computer.

online png resizer - 6


  • Several image formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, RAW, and others are supported
  • Additional features include creating a mirror image, rotating, zoom in, and zoom out


  • One image at a time can be resized and processed
  • The site comes with ads
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Using this browser-based program images in BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG format can be resized. You can either choose the percentage of the file or select the height and the width manually as needed. The option to keep the aspect ratio as the original file is also there. You can even choose to add the background color from the available options. You can also make png image background transparent online using this program. In addition to resizing, the program supports several other functions like rotating, cropping, optimizing, and others.

online png resizer - 7


  • Multiple functions in addition to image resizing supported
  • Option to add the background color ( black, white, custom, and transparent)


  • The resized image needs to be downloaded
  • The maximum supported file size is 30MB and 10MP for GIF files and 100MB and 100MP for other formats

Above listed are several online PNG resize tools. You can go through the features, pros, and cons of these programs and then select the one that best matches your requirement. With the option to process up to 5 files at a time, simple interface, and quick process, Online UniConverter works as the best option.

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