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6 Methods to Add Caption to Video

How to Add Caption to Videos

By Kendra D. Mitchell | Sep 17,2020 14:15 pm

How to Add Caption to Videos

Why Should We Add Captions to a Video?

Your videos are likely to reach a broad audience that comprises people that hear correctly and others with hearing problems. If you would like to pass your message to all the viewers, you will need to incorporate captions to your videos. Captions are the text versions of the spoken words and any other sounds from music and in the background. You are free to use open or closed captions. Closed captions are removable, while the open captions stick with the video, and viewers cannot turn them off.

Part 1. How to Add Captions to Videos for Accessibility in UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is not the usual tool that handles videos like other available applications. Instead, it is a unique and all-in-one solution that conducts diverse functions on your videos. This includes downloading them online, converting to other formats editing, compressing, and adding captions for accessibility. Therefore, UniConverter enables you to pass your video’s message to every interested party, including the deaf people. This software is flexible and easy to work with since its procedures include very few and clear steps.

Wondershare UniConverter
  • · It produces high-quality output as well.
  • · Working with Wondershare Uniconverter is beneficial because it is not only flexible but also 30 times faster, which saves your time, especially when dealing with numerous videos.
  • · It allows you to transfer your files to devices like external drives and phones such as Android and Apple.
  • · Using UniConverter Toolbox function, includes convert images, create GIF, burn CD, rip CD, cast to TV, and fix Meta tags with just a few clicks.
  • · Wondershare UniConverter allows you to burn video and other media files to DVD as well.

Add Captions to a Video Guideline

Since Wondershare UniConverter is great at editing, you can learn how to add captions to videos fast. Use the following steps on how to put captions on a video to achieve this goal.

Step 1. Upload Video and then Choose the Subtitle Tab

After opening and running Wondershare UniConverter on your system, proceed to upload the video requiring captions. You may click on +Add Files to import the file or drag the video and drop it in the interface.

Add Video File to UniConverter

After uploading, select the Effect or Crop editing icon under it. This will prompt a pop-up window where you can select the Subtitle function.

Select Subtitle Feature in UniConverter

Step 2. Add the Caption to the Video

You may add the caption saved in your system by selecting the Subtitle function. The search icon can also help you look for other options online. Ensure that you choose your preferred color, font, outline color, type, and size from the available options. You may also choose the position and transparency of the caption and confirm the settings using the OK option.

Add Caption to Video in UniConverter

Step 3. Choose Output Format and Process

If you wish to have a different format for the output, go to the Output Format function and select from the options in the drop-down menu. To choose where to save the processed file, go to the File Location tab, and choose the desktop location. The file should now be ready for processing, so click on Start All function to process.

Save the Video with Caption in UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is the most appropriate software to use on how to add captions to videos. It not only makes the process fast but also ensures each step is clear and understandable without complexities.

Part 2. Other 5 Software for Add Captions to Video

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Filmora is a useful video editor from Wondershare, which can edit your professional and personal videos. It makes how to add captions to videos easy and thus enables you to express yourself.

Key Features:

  • Easy to do the video creation. It has a clear interface.
  • Handy video editing software to edit relatively complex video.

Platform Supports: Windows (7,8,10) and Mac

Add Caption to a Video in Filmora
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NCH Software


The NCH Software is a video application that edits and converts videos through VideoPad and Prism. If you want to know how to put captions on a video, this is among the reliable sources.

Key Features:

  • It supports video recording.
  • It has video conversion and editing features.

Platform Supports: Windows and Mac

Add Caption software-NCH Software
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VideoProc works for anybody that wishes to edit videos and produce polished videos. It is quick and flexible and hence, will make the process of how to add captions to videos quite enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Downloads videos from multiple websites
  • Edits videos by cropping, trimming, compressing and adding captions

Platform Supports: Mac and Windows

How to Add Caption to Video-VideoProc
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Pinnacle is a powerful and creative software for video editing that enables you to produce like a professional. It also allows you to share your videos online as soon as they are ready.

Key Features:

  • Video capturing and screen recording
  • Video editing to add captions and convert VHS to DVD

Platform Supports: Windows only

Add Caption to Video-Pinnacle
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Freemake Video Converter


Freemake Video Converter specializes in adding captions and subtitles to videos. So, if you desire to learn how to put captions on a video, this software will deliver as expected.

Key Features:

  • Downloads videos and audio easily.
  • One of the best movie makers.

Platform Supports: Windows 7, 8, and 10

Add Caption on Video-Freemake Video Converter

Part 3. Further Information: The Difference Between Closed Captions and Subtitles

Closed captions assume that the audience cannot hear the audio from a video, and hence are a supplement for dialogue and soundtrack parts like a phone ringing and background noises. On the other hand, subtitles assume the audience can hear and so provide text alternatives for characters’ spoken words as well as narrators and various vocal participants. Therefore, closed captions cater to persons with hearing impairment effectively. Subtitles are best used in language translation, especially in videos that use more than one language.


The above 6 software will help you with how to put captions on a video. However, Wondershare UniConverter should be your number one choice since it comes with multiple benefits like the high-quality output. The other 5 can serve as alternatives. The process of how to add captions to videos with UniConverter is concise and easy to understand. Therefore, you can repeat the process later with other videos and acquire results quite fast.


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