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The Best YouTube Downloader Apps

Best YouTube Downloader Apps

By Kendra D. Mitchell | Jun 09,2020 21:04 pm

Best YouTube Downloader Apps

YouTube is one of the best streaming video applications and the most readily used in the masses, with an association with billions of users. Being the pioneers of delivering video content, YouTube has enabled several users to put in different categories of videos that provide educational, profitable, or entertaining content with hidden messages for the masses. YouTube has catered much content in comparison to any other streaming application. Users of any smartphone, Android, or iPhone seek to download videos they find useful for their presentations or portfolios. This led to the development of a YouTube video downloader app that provided services of downloading YouTube videos. The reason for having such applications in the market was due to the restrictions put forth by YouTube as part of their policy for not allowing users to download YouTube videos under copyright issues. However, regardless of this ban, people discovered a remedy for this problem and introduced YouTube video downloaders in the market. This article shall focus on the best YouTube Downloader for both Android and iPhone users separately and provide the users with the most useful applications to help them decide over the perfect option for their smartphone.

There are hundreds of applications available for downloading YouTube videos onto our devices. However, this article discusses the most suitable options for both Android and iPhone to prevent users from roaming about in search of the best platform for downloading YouTube videos. The Best YouTube Downloader app for Android

Part 1. The Best YouTube Downloader APP for Android

TubeMate stands as the most popular Android application for downloading YouTube videos with ease and convenience. This application not only focuses on user-friendliness but provides exquisite features in its package, which includes downloading videos while having the autonomy to pause or resume them upon discretion. It also allows users to cover their downloads in the background and use the phone for other purposes. This application never stops to this point, leading users to more and more features and options to let them feel at ease. This interesting application has an in-built player that allows users to watch their videos without any procedures or hindrances. TubeMate sees itself as an application far better than any other available YouTube video downloader. It has provided users access to videos from not only YouTube but many other popular video streaming applications such as Vimeo and Dailymotion.

There are a lot of features that make TubeMate the best option to be considered for Android phones. It provides users with the ability to easily change the videos' preferred location to save them from the special procedural work of finding the video after download. It has a much-enhanced downloading strategy, unlike any other YouTube downloader.

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TubeMate allows users to develop their own playlists for watching on its media player after the successful downloading of videos. It includes an MP4 media converter that converts files in the required formats along with offering multiple downloads. Focusing on the usability of the application, it provides users with the ability to download a YouTube video with ease. Users can download YouTube video by following the step-by-step guide, as follows:

  • Download the .apk file of TubeMate: Locate a third party site for downloading TubeMate on the smartphone.
  • Providing Access to the Application: Before installing the application, users might need to allow installation from unknown sources by accessing the settings of the phone.
  • Locate the Video: After installation and launching the application, users need to search the video they want to download.
  • Download the Video: Users can easily download the video by tapping the button on the upper-right corner and select the quality on their own to proceed with the process.

Part 2. The Best YouTube Downloader App for iPhone

While considering the best option available for your iPhone, users should definitely look up on VidMate. This application allows multiple downloading platforms for users inclusive of YouTube, thus making accessibility to videos easier and convenient. VidMate supports all video file formats and allows users to download videos in any file format as they want to. This application has made the process of download effective with a single tap. The built-in media player of VidMate allows users to download and watch the videos immediately without approaching any other player. It doesn't complicate the process of downloading YouTube videos and saving them on the phone.

Size and quality have never been a problem at VidMate. It allows downloading videos in any resolution and size as the user wants to. Another effective feature that is available for users while downloading their desired video is the selection of the desired parameter over the search of the video. Users can search the video over different filters and parameters to effectively help them download a video in no time.

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VidMate, out of many available options for iPhone, is one worth application when considering the YouTube downloader app readily available in the market. Users should definitely take hold of this application if they wish to download YouTube videos for different purposes. The following steps should be taken when downloading a video from VidMate.

  • Searching the Video:Users should first select the parameters for searching the video they want to download. It can be done either by name or other variants.
  • Download the Video:Users can either preview or download the video, upon their discretion. Click the “Download” button present on the screen. This shall initiate the process.


This article presented users with the best available YouTube downloader for both Android and iPhone. A critical explanation of the features and the steps have been presented to help users use the application with the required knowledge. This will surely allow these users to develop a clear understanding of the most convenient applications available to help them download videos from streaming websites such as YouTube.

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