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Best 6 Online YouTube Downloaders

Online YouTube Downloaders

By Kendra D. Mitchell | Jun 09,2020 21:03 pm

Online YouTube Downloaders

YouTube has been ruling the video streaming applications for quite a while now. Since its launch in 2005, billions of people have used this application to fulfill their desire to watch online videos that they find contemplating or humorous after a whole sweating day. However, some people might find the need to download a particular video for their presentation or school assignment. YouTube, on the other hand, restricts downloading videos as per its policy. This led to the development of the concept of YouTube downloader applications. With time, the need of specially downloading applications starting to become obsolete, and people began to demand more efficient methods to download YouTube videos. This eventually helped users develop YouTube downloader online platforms for delivering ease and convenience to its users. This article shall discuss the best YouTube downloader online platforms that provide impressive features to its users. This will surely make the selection of the most convenient platform easier for the people who desire to download YouTube videos for different purposes.

Users face difficulties in downloading special software on their devices for YouTube videos. However, with many online platforms available, this article presents the need to discuss the fastest YouTube downloader for users to help them decide over the most convenient platform to fulfill their needs. Six best platforms will be taken into consideration.

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When different platforms are set inoperable, other efficient platforms have to take their places and provide similar or better services. is one such online platform that supports easy download of YouTube videos in either audio or video formats. Along with the provisions of selecting the quality and resolution of the video, it also offers users to change the file name for appropriateness and modify its ID3 tag. even presents with an option for removing the MP3 from the video before downloading. This online downloader integrated with multilingual service is counted among the best services in the market.

You can access from here. URL:

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of 06 is best known for its SD and HD video qualities that can be downloaded for free while having an obligation to select the audio and video formats from the available choices. This free online YouTube downloader is best known for its easy-to-use interface that is used to download YouTube videos. Users have to simply search the video from the streaming application and paste its link on the platform. provides users with two different options, which is to download the video or extract the audio from the video that is being accessed from YouTube or any other streaming website.

You can visit by clicking here. URL:

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YouTube Video Downloader

This platform is known to help download videos that have non-copyright properties in SD, HD, or Full HD video format. This free online platform has no limitation of advertisements or any other hindrances while performing the downloading procedures on it. It supports all the major video formats and is compatible with all browsers. Users have to follow the very simple steps of pasting the link and downloading the videos in the desired format easily without any hindrances.

You can visit YouTube Video Downloader by clicking here. URL:

all video downloader online
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Out of all video downloader online, this platform is considered best for downloading videos from a very vast option of different streaming applications available. is a free platform that provides users with the option of unlimited downloads in HD and SD resolutions. While supporting MP4 format, this platform can take up options from almost all the available streaming applications and provide the users with the perfect result. It holds compatible with all available chromium-based browsers. While allowing users to download videos securely, this app is an excellent option for having the tasks done if the user isn't flustered by the advertisements shown during the process.

You can visit by clicking here. URL:

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Video Grabber

Video grabber is an all-in-one platform that provides users to access videos from the major video streaming sites such as YouTube and video. It has another feature of hand-picking the most grossing videos and displaying them on its main screen by default. It also functions as a video converter along with downloading videos and offers compatibility to all available devices. This application provides a high-quality downloading option for YouTube videos and even inherits a built-in recording feature that allows screen recording of the device.

Video Grabber can be accessed from here. URL:

  youtube video downloader online
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Users who are into simple platforms with no special motive of downloading videos with protocol should use BitDownloader. This platform though limited, is a very great option for downloading online videos. With its simple interface, it lets users download videos by simply pasting the link of the desired video in the search bar. Users can download the video in the standard and HD formats. BitDownloader provides users support of over 800+ video sites and allows users to save video files in AVI, AAC, MKV, MP3, and MP4 format. Users can download videos from YouTube, along with many other popular websites that don't have any copyright restrictions.

You can visit BitDownloader by clicking here. URL:

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When it comes to providing video content, these online YouTube downloaders provide a very explicit volume with better offers as compared to the others. This article has discussed various online platforms that can be used to download YouTube videos online. These platforms support video formats of almost all kinds for free, a clear explanation of these features will surely help users finalize the perfect option for downloading videos. Users can easily access these platforms from their browsers and have a very keen observation of them to decide over the best platform to use for downloading YouTube videos in the future.

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