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Convert PHP to JPG Easily

Online Converter for PHP to JPG

By Kendra D. Mitchell |

Online Converter for PHP to JPG

PHP files are coding files which contain the coding in them. These files are used for coding of websites and they also include the function of PHP in them such as accessing information from any database or getting the date and time etc. You can’t open these files in your image viewer program directly and if you open then using notepad then you may face issue reading them. If you want to read them accurately then you can convert them in the JPG format using the online converter website. To convert PHP to JPG we will share some best websites in this article today.

Part 1: Convert PHP to JPG Online

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CoolUtils is a file converter website which enables users to convert PHP to JPG on the windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. This website totally works in the browser, so there is no issue of the operating system. CoolUtils is a fully functional website so you can easily convert the other types of files in your needed format as well.


  • The website is fully compatible with converting the PHP JPG with ease.
  • Browser-based website so you don’t need to install anything on your system.
  • Supports multiple types of files conversion.


  • Browser-based website so you always need internet before converting any file.
  • Sometimes you may face issue in finding the right converter as per your requirement.
  • The website converts the files at very slow speed.
PHP to JPG convert-CoolUtils
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Files Conversion


Files Conversion is an online PHP to JPG converter website where users can quickly convert audio, video, images, documents and many other types of files from one format to their needed one. With the help of this website, you can also convert PHP to other image formats. This website is offered totally free of cost from the developers.


  • Free and easy to use the website.
  • Supports encoding and decoding of files as well.
  • Offers you so many different types of tools for doing your life easier.


  • The website is unable to maintain the originality of files.
  • Due to the wide range of tools, you may face issue in finding the right one.
  • Sometimes websites get hang.
online convert PHP to JPG-Files Conversion

Part 2: What is a PHP File?

PHP files are used for developing websites and they contain functions in them which call the data from the source when needed. This format can access information from any database and use for getting the date and time, online forms, etc. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Users can’t see the actual PHP code of the website even while viewing the page source of the website. PHP files are loaded whenever a user request.

a. How to Open PHP Files in Windows System?

Step 1. Firstly, go to the PHP file on your hard drive which you want to open and then right click on it.

Step 2. Move the cursor at "Open With" and then select "Notepad" from the list.

Step 3. Now the file will be opened and you can see available content in it.

b. How to Open PHP Files in Mac System?

Step 1. While using Mac computers right open the finder window and then go to applications and open TextEdit application.

Step 2. Now click the "File > Open".

Step 3. From the finder windows browse the PHP file from your system.


There are many other websites available which enable you to convert PHP to JPG with ease just by using your browser because they work only and doesn’t require any installation. The online converter websites work using the internet so make sure to use the internet with good speed to convert your files faster.

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