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8 Best Ways to Make GIF Background Transparent and Change Color

Remove GIF Transparent Background Online

By Kendra D. Mitchell | Aug 03,2021 21:31 pm

Remove GIF Transparent Background Online

In most cases, the GIF files are created out of multiple images, and the speed at which these pictures change is called the file's framerate. Most GIFs already have a transparent background. If the participating photos in a GIF do have some background colors, the animation may look inconsistent or unprofessional when the file is placed over a web page or any other platform where the animated GIF needs to be blended with the scene or photo(s). This may lead you to a question, how to make a GIF transparent.

To answer this, here you will learn how to remove background from GIF files using a couple of free but efficient online tools, and how each of the discussed solutions differs when it comes to their features, limitations, and restrictions.

Part 1. Top 8 Online Tools to Make GIF Transparent or Change Background Color

Top 8 most popular free tools to make GIF transparent online are listed below:

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URL: https://ezgif.com/maker

Despite being populated with several distracting adverts, EZGIF is a complete online workshop for almost every task related to GIFs. For example, creation, necessary edits, optimization, adding effects, splitting a single GIF into multiple frames that can be saved as separate JPG or PNG files, etc. The only restrictions that EZGIF has are, it doesn't let you upload the files for manipulations that exceed 6 MB in size.

To learn how to make a GIF transparent with EZGIF, you must follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Click Browse and Upload a GIF File

Launch your favorite web browser, use the URL given above to go to EZGIF, click Browse from the Upload images section, and use the File Upload box to select and add the GIF file you want to remove background from. Back on the web page, click Upload and make a GIF!

Browser a GIF to EZGIF

Step 2. Click Effects and Configure Background Transparency

Click Effects from the standard toolbar at the top and check the background color of the GIF (white for this example) from the Replace color with transparency section.

Note: If need be, feel free to check the custom box and type in (or paste) the hexadecimal code of the background color of the file to make GIF background transparent.

Adjust the GIF Transparent in EZGIF

Step 3. Preview the Output and Click Save

Scroll down and click Apply selected! from the bottom of the section to preview the expected output. If everything seems acceptable, click save to save the GIF as a new file on your PC.

Save the Edited GIF in EZGIF
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Online GIF Tools

URL: https://onlinegiftools.com/create-transparent-gif

Online gif tools are the simplest tools you can find to make GIFs transparent in your photos or videos. With this utility, you can change background colors to make the object of concentration and create different color shades and make the tones transparent. You can also use this tool to choose which specific frames to make transparent when creating your project. You can do numerous things with online gif tools such as viewing GIF frames, creating a transparent GIF, zooming in a GIF animation, adding GIF border, removing or adding GIF background, and so much more.

Now hop on to the site and follow these steps to use the online GIF tools:

Step 1. First, add a GIF image to the Online Gif Tools site:

Drag and drop the image from your computer storage unto the Online Gif Tools site or add it from the gray section.

Step 2. Change background color

Make the background transparent by filling in the RGB code or the hex as the case may be. You can also make modifications to the percentage of the background transparency to suit the tone you want. The preview panel is on the right side to enable you to see your results at each point.

Step 3. Save GIF

Click on the Save option; this will download the edited GIF to your system or device storage space after previewing the GIF.

Input a Animated GIF to Online GIF Tools
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URL: https://www.unscreen.com/

This free online tool enables you to remove your video background without the need for a green screen. With Unscreen, you can record your video in any location and remove the background to suit what you want. It is as simple as that. Another unique thing about Unscreen is that you can automatically generate a high-quality result of your video without editing each aspect manually. Unscreen has a pro plugin that can be used for after effects to produce a full HD resolution without a watermark.

How do you use Unscreen to change the background color? Follow these steps:

Step 1. Upload the Video you have Stored on your Computer

Click on the Upload Clip option to add the video of your choice from your computer. Alternatively, you can select Search GIF to pick the GIF you want to use for this project. Remember, Unscreen automatically removes the background with speed.

Input a GIF to Unscreen

Step 2. Edit the Video

Now, you can change the background to any image or stock video provided on the Unscreen platform. Other options include different background colors, photos, GIFs, etc. You may also choose to make the GIF transparent or leave the background transparent.

Make the GIF Transparent in Unscreen

Step 3. Download the Final Video

Save the video to your storage space Note that the video will automatically download in GIF format, so if you wish to download it in other formats, select the drop-down arrow beside Download to choose the video format of your choice.

Save Your Transparent GIF in Unscreen
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URL: https://www.online-image-editor.com/

OIE stands for Online Image Editor (as the URL suggests). This online solution is free to use without any tempting messages to buy a subscription plan to access premium features. OIE is capable of resizing and cropping GIF files, adding text and other effects to them, putting them within various borders and shapes, etc.

You can follow the steps given below to remove background from GIF with OIE:

Step 1. Click UPLOAD AN IMAGE and Pick a GIF

Use your favorite web browser to go to OIE, click UPLOAD AN IMAGE, and select and upload a GIF file from your PC.

Upload a Animated GIF to OIE

Step 2. Go to Advanced and Make GIF Transparent

Click the Advanced tab from the top of the right area of the web page that opens next, click Transparency from the standard toolbar at the top, and click inside the preview box once to make GIF transparent online with OIE.

Make a GIF Transparent in OIE

Step 3. Click Save and Download the GIF

Click Save from the top of the left pane of the page, and download the new GIF file to your computer.

Save and Download the GIF in OIE
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URL: https://www4.lunapic.com/editor/

LunaPic can be considered one of the most straightforward online tools for all types of photo editing and image manipulation tasks. When opened, the web page looks like a desktop program with a toolbox containing several tools in the left and a menu bar at the top with a plethora of options in each menu to help you edit the images and/or add several effects to them. Usually, such features are not present in other free online solutions.

You can follow the steps explained below to learn how to remove background from GIF online using LunaPic:

Step 1. Click Upload and Upload the Source GIF

Go to the LunaPic's web page, click Upload from the upper-right section, and use the File Upload box (in Mozilla Firefox) to select and upload the GIF file you want to make the background transparent of.

Input a GIF to LunaPic

Step 2. Make the GIF Transparent

Click the Transparent link from the top, and wait while LunaPic makes the GIF transparent for you.

Make the GIF Transparent in LunaPic

Step 3. Click Save to Save the GIF

Click Save from under the preview box, and follow the on-screen instructions to download the modified GIF to your computer.

Save Your Transparent GIF in LunaPic
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URL: https://icons8.com/animizer/

Animizer is a tool that does most of the tasks for you with the least mouse clicks. Be it animating a still image, removing background color, adding and animating texts, or even splitting a GIF and saving its frames as PNG or JPG files. Also, the web page has self-explanatory tools listed at the top that help you edit and/or manipulate your images or GIF files with ease.

You can go through the following steps to remove background from GIF using Animizer:

Step 1. Click Browse and Go to the Editing Page

Follow the URL given above to go to Animizer, click Browse to select the source GIF from your computer, and back on the web page, click Continue to editor.

Add a GIF Image to Animizer

Step 2. Preview the GIF

On the next page, ensure that the Transparent background option is set to Yes, and click Generate animation from the bottom to preview output GIF file.

Set the GIF Transparent Background in Animizer

Step 3. Click Download to Save the New GIF

Once you find the estimated output acceptable, click Download from the right section of the page to save the modified GIF file on your PC.

Save the Change and Download the GIF in Animizer
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URL: https://gifmake.com/

Gifmake is yet another online GIF creation tool that also allows you to edit the existing ones after you upload them to the portal. Although you can upload the files that are only up to 7 MB in size, Gifmake lets you edit each frame of an existing GIF individually. The only drawback the website has is, it consumes a lot of processing, and sometimes it doesn't even work on Mozilla Firefox.

Simple steps on how to make a GIF transparent are given below:

Step 1. Click Upload and Add a GIF

Use the link given above to go to Gifmake, click Upload, and select and upload your GIF file to the portal.

Upload Your GIF File to Gifmake

Step 2. Click Transparent Bg to Remove Background from GIF

Click Transparent Bg from above the Preview box in the right, and wait while Gifmake removes the background from the GIF.

Change GIF Background in Gifmake

Step 3. Click Download and Save the GIF

Ensure that the Preview window shows the expected output, and click Download to save the modified GIF on your PC.

Download Your GIF File in Gifmake
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URL: http://www.gifmagic.com/

Solely dedicated to GIFs, GIFmagic lets you manipulate the animated GIF files to best suit your needs. After uploading a source GIF to GIFmagic, you can add effects, crop and resize, rotate and flip, manage looping, and optimize the file as needed. After making the changes, you can either save the modified GIF to your computer, or revert all the changes if something goes wrong and becomes untraceable, and start over from the beginning.

You can learn how to make a GIF transparent by going through the steps given as follows:

Step 1. Upload a Source GIF

Go to the GIFmagic website, click the first CLICK HERE button, click Browse on the next page, select the source GIF in the File Upload box, and click Open from the bottom-right corner. Click OK once you are back on the web page to upload the GIF file to GIFmagic.

Insert a GIF to GIFmagic

Step 2. Go to Transparency Options and Remove Background

On the next page, go to the Edit menu from the top, go to Transparency, and click Add. Next, click the GIF in preview box once, and wait while GIFmagic makes the background transparent for you.

Remove or Chnage GIF Transparent in GIFmagic

Step 3. Go to File and Save the GIF

Click File from the top of the page, click Save and save the new GIF on your computer.

Save the Transparent GIF in GIFmagic

Part 2. Comparing Each Online Tool in Detail

You can check the following table to compare all the above-mentioned online solutions to remove background from GIF in detail:

GIF Tool Can Upload From Supported Image Formats Can Make GIFs From File Upload Type
EZGIF Computer Almost all major formats Images & Videos Single, Bulk
Online GIF Tools Computer All major formats Images and videos Single, Bulk
Unscreen Computer Almost all major formats Videos Single, Bulk
OIE Computer, URL Almost all major formats N/A Single
LunaPic Computer, URL, Social Media Almost all major formats Images Single, Bulk
Animizer Computer Almost all major formats Images Single, Bulk
Gifmake Computer Almost all major formats Images Single, Bulk
GIFmagic Computer, URL GIFs GIF Single

Part 3. FAQs about Creating a Transparent GIF

1. How do I make the Quality of a GIF Better?

Making the quality of a GIF better requires total adjustment of settings when creating the GIF. It is important that you directly copy and paste the images you wish to use in making your GIF instead of scanning them as scanning reduces picture quality. Once you tackle this issue from the onset, you can adjust the app's settings in making your GIF.

Ensure that the pixels are reduced to fit the average GIF size (72 pixels) but do not reduce the resolution that it becomes very noticeable. It is okay to compress the GIF after applying color as an uncompressed GIF file doesn't necessarily result in higher quality; a resolution of 128 is suitable, for instance.

2. Where can I get Good Quality GIFs?

There are many sites to get GIFs online, but not all sites provide good quality GIFs. That is why you need guidance, and here are some of the best platforms to get the best GIFs:

  • Giphy
  • Reddit
  • Imgur
  • Tumblr
  • Tenor
  • Gfycat
  • Imgflip
  • Reaction GIFs
  • Giffin

3. How do you make a GIF for Free?

To make a GIF for free, you need a tool or an app. There are several tools with which you can make a GIF for free online, and a highly recommended tool that can give you the best in terms of GIF-making is Wondershare UniConverter. This GIF maker is a great tool that helps you free convert videos even in HD form to any format, including the GIF format.

With Wondershare UniCovnerter, you can not only make GIFs for free but also edit them, compress videos, record, and download videos of over a thousand formats. What is more exciting is that you do not risk losing quality when converting or compressing these videos.

Other vital features of Wondershare UniConverter include:

Wondershare UniConverter
  • • It is a simple tool that will most likely be enjoyed by beginners.
  • • You can save your GIFs to your iPhone, Android, PC, and iPad devices.
  • • The speed of conversion of videos to GIFs is very fast.
  • • It allows the user to save videos from other sites via copy and paste of the URL. This means that you can use a video you get online to create the GIF you want.
  • • Provides unique features like screen recorder, GIF maker, video metadata, and video compressor.
  • • Converts all video formats to GIF.

To create GIFs for free using the Wondershare UniConverter, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Select the GIF Maker Utility

Click on GIF Maker from the list of Toolbox.

Choose GIF maker from UniConverter

Step 2. Add Images to the Window

If it is an image you have uploaded, click on Photos to GIF in the Window that appears, but if it is a video, click on Video to GIF. You can select multiple images or videos. Then, click the plus icon button to preview the pictures you wish to convert to GIF.

Select add photo or video to make a unique GIF

Adjust the settings under output size, frame rate, and location to save the file.

Customize GIF in UniConverter

Step 3. Create the GIF

Click on Create GIF and let the Wondershare GIF Maker do its magic to create GIF for free and save it to the location you previously selected.

Create your own transparent gif in UniConverter


Removing background from a GIF file isn't necessary if the source images the animated GIF is composed of don't have any background color in the first place. However, if the case is otherwise, and the colors in the background are reflected in the animations, you now know how to make a GIF transparent. Don't you?

After reading this blog, you don’t need to go through the stress of using green screens to change the background color of your videos or photos. With the above mentioned tools, you can change the background color of your videos without stress and for free. Also, with these online tools, you can make GIF transparent. But, more importantly, you do not have to wonder how to use them as you now have the step-by-step guide on how to use each tool to make GIF transparent or change the video/image background color.

And if you need a tool to make GIF for free, Wondershare UniConverter (GIF Maker) will get the job done, providing you with fantastic quality.

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